Creating STREAMERS with 0 VIEWERS their *OWN* Skin!
► Creating STREAMERS with 0 VIEWERS their *OWN* Skin!
In Todays video I DONATED & CHALLENGED Streamers to WIN a Fortnite Custom Skin!
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  • Trimix

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    • Samantha Roach
      Samantha Roach


    • SionicSpider 579
      SionicSpider 579

      I subbed what do you use btw

    • 128 Friends
      128 Friends

      May I have a stick man with 3 curved spikes for hair and 2 lines for eyes and have a line across the eyes along with the head and a smile bam

    • Zxmy

      You are not that bad at the game just practice some more😀👍

    • Les Bolton
      Les Bolton

      Please I want my own custom skin to I'll tell you my user name in one month on fortnight I want to be so happy if I do go to custom skin

  • طلال الحارثي
    طلال الحارثي


  • Panther Johnson
    Panther Johnson

    Again how long have you been working for Epic games?

  • Rin _ Okumura
    Rin _ Okumura

    XD ttv-itsgilbert14 got now 5,22k subs you helped him out allot

  • Epic games B
    Epic games B

    Can you please send me a friend request on fortnite my name is logitness

  • Anchors Hair Co
    Anchors Hair Co

    Cancel my order for tomorrow morning and then please send me the info thank you for reaching out to us(-;

  • Pietro Gandini
    Pietro Gandini

    I am learning how to use blenders can u pls make a vid where you tell us how u make the skins?

  • g4 ldn
    g4 ldn

    first kid was so ungrateful

  • Ben Allen
    Ben Allen

    If you hold pause you get them all

    • Ben Allen
      Ben Allen

      By holding down K

  • Paulius Pock
    Paulius Pock

    Can my friend have one?

  • bacon beast
    bacon beast

    Man I want a custom skin

  • Tiger Gaming
    Tiger Gaming

    Please make me a fortnite custom skin because I don’t have any skins and I got the game yesterday

  • Paul Galaviz
    Paul Galaviz

    Only ogs will remember the bass boosted emote 2 years ago

  • doodie_4xx gaming
    doodie_4xx gaming


  • Gabriel Bonilla
    Gabriel Bonilla

    Who wants a give away? Why not a custom skin from trimix!!!

  • French fries
    French fries

    The start of the vid looks like shark

  • Unnamed InterFer_nce
    Unnamed InterFer_nce

    I love these vids but wouldnt want a custom skin lol

  • CookieplayZroblox

    I want skin pls

  • The little Dino
    The little Dino

    I realy appreciate what you do for peaple and I love your vids your a nise person

  • Savage Draft
    Savage Draft

    I filled out the form for the custom skin love your content keep up the good work

  • n vds
    n vds

    Geeft mei een skin

  • Micah Johnston
    Micah Johnston

    Can u make a han solo skin

  • Kayleb Crabtree
    Kayleb Crabtree

    I will 1 v1 u

  • Kayleb Crabtree
    Kayleb Crabtree

    Ur good for a person who just makes skins

  • Rhys Plays Games
    Rhys Plays Games

    Im from eu to! Wanna play together? Im 8 years old and love your videos if you do want to play my user is dagger danger

  • Kobe Celadina
    Kobe Celadina

    Im new pls pick me pls dont luagh im philipine

  • SionicSpider 579
    SionicSpider 579

    I subbed your good what do you use for the moddeling

  • Epic gaming Tommy
    Epic gaming Tommy

    Please can I have a custom skin I want it to look like dantdm plz if u don’t know what he looks like. This @DanTDM live

  • Alvis

    So u tryna swing me a skin or nah 🤓

  • Raxian

    brimix what

  • Clutch_replay z
    Clutch_replay z

    Subbed notis liked

  • Elliott Heddinger
    Elliott Heddinger

    could i get a shout out on my youtube channel i just hit 104 subs?

  • yaboysiah

    First kid got me heated bro

  • مستر فشي ارمي الحلو gemar
    مستر فشي ارمي الحلو gemar

    As gooooood

  • Ivan Rosado
    Ivan Rosado

    I subscribed and I leave a like

  • Joanna Rose
    Joanna Rose

    I subscribed

  • shakwana gary
    shakwana gary

    Please make me a custom fortnite skin

  • Felipe Villarreal
    Felipe Villarreal


  • Subbing to anyone who subs to me
    Subbing to anyone who subs to me

    What software do you use?

  • Rayan smadi
    Rayan smadi

    Trimix could have named Santa- fishstick (santastick)

  • spyninjaAddelyn

    I want one

  • mongoo tseegii
    mongoo tseegii

    make your fashion show and you have alien

  • mongoo tseegii
    mongoo tseegii

    future alien you know the movie alien vs predators

  • mongoo tseegii
    mongoo tseegii

    Hey do you know new skin

  • Itz Abu
    Itz Abu


  • Dalton's life
    Dalton's life

    So you just show the skin and you do not you not sadly not possible to wear it

  • UCF

    Help plis 1000 subscribers

  • Grahamadog !!!
    Grahamadog !!!

    Will you do me

  • lochi Life
    lochi Life

    Hey trimix I have a bit of challenging skin idea . You should try to make doomguy from doom eternal . I was actually surprised on how many skins have parts you could mix together to make him . Good luck if you do it .

  • FatRhabbit

    I just what a custom skin

  • AJ And Brody Playz
    AJ And Brody Playz


  • 7abeebak

    How do you do this trimix how do you be thanos spider man how???

  • I am Kelly
    I am Kelly

    Yo I. Need. A. Custome. Skin

  • ihab Alsaray
    ihab Alsaray

    Love your vids hope i get my own skin

  • KoltenGamer21

    I'm subbed i used ur code pls make me a better predator skin with blood on the mask and and a built in emote where his mask falls of and he bites a whole chomp in the mask and then roars and back to the skin also can he have bullets in his arms and looks battle damaged epic name 25arch

  • Carolina Amaral
    Carolina Amaral

    O gajo mostrou o SAPATO KKKK


    Make me a custom fortnite skin pls

  • Miguel Sanchez
    Miguel Sanchez


  • Riaan du Randt
    Riaan du Randt

    Please can you make a custom skin

  • astro airry
    astro airry

    I get it for the fuck of it

  • Riscool

    Me want skin

  • FiveJumpingPeanuts

    yo cn i have a skin video to troll my freinds?

  • Young Jay
    Young Jay

    Do u make backblings and pickaxes also

  • 24kvibiq1x

    He got 5k

  • corridorwarrior

    How do I make my own custom skin bro I need to make one for my friend it’s a hulk dog

  • Vasconcelos

    Update on Creepermc782: 149 followers

  • Vasconcelos

    9:47 "Let's call em up and see what he thinks" Bro her profile picture is literally Gamer Girl

  • Tdog

    I subbed to him 😊😊

  • Tdog

    I mean trimix sorry

  • Tdog

    Hi timid

  • Tegan thrash
    Tegan thrash

    Can you give me a skin please yes or No can you 1v1me Yes or No

  • Shimbeast

    I wish he found me 🥲


    Can i plzz get a shout-out i make vids in english and french

  • clipzy playz oof
    clipzy playz oof

    By the time I’m watching this he is at 5k

  • Billy O'flynn
    Billy O'flynn

    Ultramix I'm watching

  • Ace Roblox YT
    Ace Roblox YT

    oh bro he got the bazerk skin congrats holy

  • Evan Jn Baptiste
    Evan Jn Baptiste

    Trimix what app do you use to do custom skins

  • Z

    what web site do u use to make ur custum skins

  • Delcy Vasquez
    Delcy Vasquez

    En like

  • YT Scimitar
    YT Scimitar

    Finally trimix gameplay

  • Leon Coronado
    Leon Coronado

    Give me custom skins like this

  • Sean O'Brien
    Sean O'Brien

    Thank you for not click baiting but trolling with your editing skills

  • Jane Poe
    Jane Poe


  • Scarlett Wiest
    Scarlett Wiest

    MEEEEEEEE. I want skin

  • Oliver Jefferies
    Oliver Jefferies


  • Oliver Jefferies
    Oliver Jefferies

    I watch your videos every day

  • Oliver Jefferies
    Oliver Jefferies


  • Oliver Jefferies
    Oliver Jefferies

    Trimix I know not smarv he said he knows you and he said he met you at Vic con in LA and you give him a bunch of skins do you think you could give me a custom renegade Raider for my brothers birthday

  • Oliver Jefferies
    Oliver Jefferies

    Trimix I no

  • Alyssa Polito
    Alyssa Polito

    I subbed

  • DT RogueNote
    DT RogueNote

    Yo do you have Instagram or snapchat

  • Chaos Legends
    Chaos Legends

    4:15 perfect timing

  • racquel jones
    racquel jones

    i love u Trimix

  • Terrific Williams
    Terrific Williams

    Custom skin plez

  • emojieee 357
    emojieee 357


  • emojieee 357
    emojieee 357


  • Melissa McDonald
    Melissa McDonald

    Can I have a custom skin

  • Gaming With Qasim
    Gaming With Qasim

    Done make a skin

  • Joe Phillips
    Joe Phillips

    yes yes yes

  • MJ 20
    MJ 20

    I did everything and can you add me Jenniferjimenez0