Every Death = CUSTOM Skin! (Fortnite)
► Every DEATH = CUSTOM Skin (FORTNITE Christmas Skins)
Today we're playing Fortnite, and everytime I die, I create a Fortnite Custom Skin. I created a lot of different Fortnite Christmas Skin Concepts/Custom Skins. Drop a like, LET'S GO FOR 50K LIKES!
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  • Trimix

    Subscribe this video took really long :) & (early) Merry Christmas everyone!

    • Holly Bledsoe
      Holly Bledsoe

      For 1, I'm a kid why u bully me For 2, Stop bully me For 3, I'm not holly Bledsoe that is my mom For 4, I'm not dumb I'm in fourth grade 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    • li yan
      li yan

      @Holly Bledsoe your very dumb this was literally made in 1 month holly bledsoe

    • Holly Bledsoe
      Holly Bledsoe

      Trimix U mean late Christmas it's literally February

    • Flipper Camp
      Flipper Camp

      @TRX viarx you should try to make The Grinch skin

    • li yan
      li yan


  • Dark slayer 207
    Dark slayer 207

    Just imagine I have own skin that be so cool

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    SpeedyBoy Eli


  • VizDoesStuff

    If epic games for whatever reason sees this comment then HIRE TRIMIX NOW OR ELSE!!!!!!!!!

  • Joaquin Iñigo Emmanuel G. Pineda
    Joaquin Iñigo Emmanuel G. Pineda

    Can you make a custom glider

  • Matteo Emma Lucas Perez Saez
    Matteo Emma Lucas Perez Saez

    hi trimix i need more skin sooo my username is melp656 i want the season 3 or 2 the purple skin in shop

  • Faith Scott
    Faith Scott

    In the inchrow you put Brimxi

  • Goofer X
    Goofer X

    Pro can you make me renegade raider santa skin for me pls

  • SammiiSW

    what editing software do you use

  • Notable Narwhal
    Notable Narwhal

    The third one looks like petter pan

  • Ezex Playz
    Ezex Playz


  • Mouwrits

    2:06 thats what she said

  • AsKaspis

    what program are you using for creating skins?

  • BeastBoySocceer

    Yo hit me up on Instagram @traula


    Can u use custome skins In games

  • LupeFN

    Trimix: Jokes on you I like making custom skins!

  • ThijzzZ_16

    This man is a good guy. Not too sweaty, funny and cool content, no shitty montages, keep it up!

  • Friday night funkin’ boyfriend
    Friday night funkin’ boyfriend

    Imagine him using his custom skins in the match

  • Harry Corcoran
    Harry Corcoran

    Hi I’m a bit at Fortnite I really want a skin pls can u gift me a skin in the item shop

  • FaZe-VOLd3MO4T _Yt
    FaZe-VOLd3MO4T _Yt

    Just Look under map at 4:19 , everything is 7 Lol

  • Yee T
    Yee T

    Jesus Loves u

  • WONKY Animations
    WONKY Animations

    Trimix: I’m so bad at this game Me: your so good

  • Yanet Rodas
    Yanet Rodas

    4:26 I said you can’t take any fall damage and he said I can’t take any fall damage

  • benjifoxus 56
    benjifoxus 56

    Where do you do these skims


    Epic games really should hire tori mix as A CHARACTER DESIGNER

  • Rappidz

    Bro im crack

  • Nancy Mbiyavanga
    Nancy Mbiyavanga

    How many times did he say custome skins

  • sonjo mega
    sonjo mega

    You make a custom Spider-Man skin with styles


    That flight companion was me


    ive liked and subd and nofaciton


    have a grate 20201 I love your fashion shows

  • bad boys
    bad boys

    TRIMIX SAID A CUSS WORD lol he always does lol

  • vanessavince2004

    Damn it there not 50k likes fuck

  • R&E_gamez 123
    R&E_gamez 123

    Yo his channel is dying

    • R&E_gamez 123
      R&E_gamez 123

      It’s cuz of fortnite

  • Bo bo dalorian
    Bo bo dalorian

    Please make a killua skin

  • Babsi Vyse
    Babsi Vyse

    Epic games should use trimixs custom skin ideas

  • Sandra Rivera
    Sandra Rivera


  • hashim playz
    hashim playz

    You should make a predator skin before it comes out and act like you got it early

  • Pablo Torres
    Pablo Torres

    He needs to be hired for epic games to make skins 🚫 cap

  • Friendly Gamers
    Friendly Gamers

    I'm trying to make a custom shotgun. Any good app with which I can customise the dragon's breath ?

  • fornite gamer
    fornite gamer

    Can u make a vid of making a tree skin plz

  • Aiden Soria
    Aiden Soria

    Do you need to where them

  • Jaiden White
    Jaiden White

    Wait is brimix your brother

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    Jaden Nguyen


  • everybody ima dog ruff ruff
    everybody ima dog ruff ruff

    What if he already works a epic.....

  • David Dodge
    David Dodge

    You hit your brother

  • Nitro Bean Pro
    Nitro Bean Pro

    How to get that custom skin app thingy

  • Hamod Alhaj
    Hamod Alhaj

    Make a thanos from infinity war

  • William Lowery
    William Lowery

    what is the app he is using to make these skins

  • Craig Mills
    Craig Mills

    I love ur vids u make me laugh

  • Mikaela Andrea
    Mikaela Andrea

    Brimix was on your account

  • coffin boy
    coffin boy

    can u show us how to do it

  • Kim Orsi
    Kim Orsi

    Pls make me my very skin its my dream 2 have my own skin pls comment back if your going to make me my skin if you want 2 ill comment to your comment on what i want on the skin

  • Stryke

    did you get that skin from brimix?

  • KAWz

    Trimix can you make a Machine Gun Kelly skin and his backbling is his guitar.This would mean alot to me

  • Keton Gaming
    Keton Gaming

    He missed a purple tac 3:42

  • Rigz84

    4:04 coincidence 7 people 7 kills 7 total kills

  • Blake Baylis
    Blake Baylis

    Trimix can you make a Harry Potter skin Great vid by the way

  • Silly Funny memes
    Silly Funny memes

    How do you create a skin Trimix?

  • Yannick Kochmann
    Yannick Kochmann

    Hey Trimix can you make a Predator Skin with an Intigrated Emote, so it looks like the Predator is doing his Battle Scream. As the Pickaxe his Claws and as a Backbling the Shoulder Canon. That would be epic

  • Therealsavage 55
    Therealsavage 55

    So each skin takes 2 days to make?? Because you made three skins and it’s been a week when you posted and 3 x 2 = 5 just the amount of time for a week

  • s p a c e
    s p a c e

    He can just make normal remegade and call himself OG. That's like saying he can make squire knight or Black Knight and call himself OG too.

  • Misti McCarley
    Misti McCarley

    No meds

  • Granny Ellerbusch
    Granny Ellerbusch

    8:32 lol

  • Granny Ellerbusch
    Granny Ellerbusch


  • Logan Hurley
    Logan Hurley

    Hey trimix can you make me a custom iron man midas skin for my birthday

  • Phlyboy7 77
    Phlyboy7 77

    Can you make a last of us 2 Ellie custom skin for fortnite

  • Dinez Plaze
    Dinez Plaze

    Hi Hi Yim ,

  • Chaotic FN
    Chaotic FN

    11:57 : i have so much good loot i can definitely win the game with it Me: a lever action and a green pistol 👁👄👁

  • Lego films
    Lego films

    2:50 fishy’s VS bananas TikO would be happy

  • the meme conga
    the meme conga

    Can u make an singer called the weekend please😀

  • Lyric Sanchez
    Lyric Sanchez

    Do u think u can make a shadow midas for me user daniel_11237

  • Noah Robert
    Noah Robert

    Custom Call of Duty skin

  • Monstermasher1013 A
    Monstermasher1013 A

    I made

  • Monstermasher1013 A
    Monstermasher1013 A

    Can you recreate my skin

  • Trimix

    Aye bruh change your name im the real trimix

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    Joel Lara

    What about brimix?

  • Dominic Zahn
    Dominic Zahn

    My grandma has cancer and she's not gonna make it:(

  • David Wolf
    David Wolf

    Can you make me a custom skin and can it be link from the legend of Zelda breath of the wild my user name is link 145569

  • Trinosaurus

    Not Gone Lie Hes Better Than Me For a Guy Who Makes Skins i cant get 1 kill in boxfights

  • Cameron 5
    Cameron 5

    you should do evry death custom skin but have it do with the persons name

  • Arely Reyes-Castro
    Arely Reyes-Castro


  • Arely Reyes-Castro
    Arely Reyes-Castro

    Can you post more often

  • elia pedrazzoli
    elia pedrazzoli

    you can create an Assassin's Creed skin ?

  • Tyler Dolberry
    Tyler Dolberry

    Oh yea heres my discord kattankingleftyplaz

  • Denise Holley
    Denise Holley

    Make the FNCS pickaxe if u can :)

  • Tyler Dolberry
    Tyler Dolberry

    Trimx i need your help with something i will talk more on discord

  • Jaysherie Wade
    Jaysherie Wade

    Still not 50k likes he worked so hard on this

  • Olivier Kowalski Year 7
    Olivier Kowalski Year 7

    whow do you macke a skin

  • AydenDaBeast3

    how do you make custum skins

  • JE R
    JE R

    When he said I'm cracked I thought he was justin

    • JE R
      JE R

      Cos he is

  • Alon Lenger
    Alon Lenger

    Yo trimix,I have an idea Do a Netflix characters in fortnite and troll youtubers

  • Henrich B Quillope
    Henrich B Quillope

    EPIC u better hire this man

  • Yeet Boy
    Yeet Boy

    Please make a galaxy skull trooper Like if you agree


    What app is the app which u use to design skins/make

  • Domenico Gianitti
    Domenico Gianitti

    How do you create the skins

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    Hanan Dawood

    I watched all of your videos I love your Channel

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    Hanan Dawood

    hey when will you make another video I love your videos

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