Fortnite *RANDOM* SUPERHERO Skin Challenge!
► Fortnite *RANDOM* SUPERHERO Skin Challenge!
Today I played with different Fortnite Marvel Superheroes such as: Hulk, Spiderman, Thanos, Gwen, Black Panther & the Challenge was to only use the rarity of the skin for the entire game!
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  • Trimix

    Subscribe for Part 2!!

    • Dioffre Cruceta
      Dioffre Cruceta

      What about the Gwen

    • Bryan Rosales
      Bryan Rosales


    • Bryan Rosales
      Bryan Rosales



      Big fan

    • Lizard Plays
      Lizard Plays


  • Capt Boi
    Capt Boi

    What about grey

  • Street Fighter Stand
    Street Fighter Stand

    Your, facecam so beautifull! :D also i Suberube you're becuase i big fan! :D

  • Icecherry 69
    Icecherry 69

    trimix was spectating I know because he had no eliminations

  • Lol Lol
    Lol Lol

    Can you please gift my brother a dio skin

  • samsonomwega

    Why does it say you have no kills when you got 1

  • mixi

    literaly nobody: comment section:


    Hulk should of been green weapons lol

  • Hala Ahmadieh
    Hala Ahmadieh

    i love the skins how did he make them

  • Trinidad Rosales
    Trinidad Rosales

    Daddy chill

  • Hair Conditioner
    Hair Conditioner

    How can you play with custom skins and how can we make it and play with it

  • Jackson Riley
    Jackson Riley


  • DylanPlayz

    So when are you getting hired by epic?

  • Emilis Mik
    Emilis Mik


  • Omar Nafady
    Omar Nafady

    I like how he says fanos

  • Omar Nafady
    Omar Nafady

    Bet you're not a sniper like me

  • David Soto
    David Soto

    Can Nother people see you wearing the skin

  • Colin harper
    Colin harper

    how did you get thanos skin? thaT real other YTers got it so plz tell me?

  • Bryan Rosales
    Bryan Rosales

    Sub to trimix

  • Kelsie Davies
    Kelsie Davies

    As spiderman why did it say he had 0 kills when he got 2??

  • Lauren Caulder
    Lauren Caulder

    Your the worst youtuber EVER!!!!

    • Lauren Caulder
      Lauren Caulder


  • Rami Haj
    Rami Haj

    U think this kid is just a normal fortnite player well look at his skins

  • Rami Haj
    Rami Haj

    U think this kid is just a normal fortnite player well look at his skins

  • Annthoni

    How do you got the skins

  • Tina Dixson
    Tina Dixson

    Can you do a sonic and Sonic movie and ZHC

  • mehra alison
    mehra alison

    imagine a thor skin throw his hammer on your head

    • mehra alison
      mehra alison

      then you do the snap emote and he dies

  • Charles White
    Charles White

    This is a scam Spider-Man is not in fortnite yet

  • Ahmadturky Ahmadturky
    Ahmadturky Ahmadturky

    Wow thanos damn boy he thicc

  • Joel Garcia
    Joel Garcia

    1:58 well it's my video my rules

  • Peter Gamer
    Peter Gamer

    Why is Thanos there? He’s not a superhero

  • Dr. Libby K. Larson
    Dr. Libby K. Larson

    I’ve subed to you bro!!!!

  • sxft_Axstheticツ

    Black Panther is here and he does not look like that >_>

  • Flexy

    this is replay mode?????????

  • gaming with s
    gaming with s


  • anthony thomas
    anthony thomas

    What up trimix I like your videos it is dope

  • The Walker Family
    The Walker Family

    1 v1me

  • Loni Rafinski
    Loni Rafinski


  • Imani Anderson
    Imani Anderson


  • Imani Anderson
    Imani Anderson

    hi trimx it is aiden my name is lynxmob in fortnite

  • Dragon Roblox
    Dragon Roblox

    Do u have milesmorelse

  • Omar PlayZ
    Omar PlayZ

    did anyone notice he killed a person as spider man but didn't get it

  • Luis Junior Mendez
    Luis Junior Mendez

    Can you please do miles morales

  • Jacob Julien
    Jacob Julien

    I love Trimix vedeo i whatched like every vedeo 😃

  • Kenneth Wise
    Kenneth Wise

    Are you tiko

  • Aditya Moradia
    Aditya Moradia

    I subscribed you

  • Aditya Moradia
    Aditya Moradia


  • Teal Dalton
    Teal Dalton


  • Teal Dalton
    Teal Dalton


  • Ahmed Tukur
    Ahmed Tukur

    He has aimbot he is a hacker

  • Blue Dragon
    Blue Dragon

    Can everyone one the skins

  • OG CLAPS99 1
    OG CLAPS99 1

    I like how he can never find a upgrade bench qhen he passed next to one and then swims past one and has to go to alurpy to upgrade

  • Nancy Euan
    Nancy Euan


  • Laxmi Prathibha Kattu
    Laxmi Prathibha Kattu

    Anyone notice that even when he get kills it says 0 kills

  • lmjones Gaming
    lmjones Gaming

    The only 2 bad things about thanos he is to thicc and he is evil

  • R0NN13

    Dude it says there 0 elims when he had some kills so his faking

  • Michael Creamer
    Michael Creamer

    Make me a Spider-Man costume forecast for fortnite on my nintendo switch plz

  • Alan Smith
    Alan Smith


  • Jack Cube.
    Jack Cube.

    thanos is not a hero

  • Jacob O'Donnell
    Jacob O'Donnell

    there is people in retail nice grammer

  • Mythic SHADOW
    Mythic SHADOW

    Wait how have you not gotton banned???

  • Stop motion studs And reviews
    Stop motion studs And reviews

    Tie is:we can only use mythic. *2 seconds later* trimix:we can always use guns Me:STOOPID

  • Noah Crane
    Noah Crane

    Hulk not in the game


    Why is the spiderman skin crap

  • Ashley Koon
    Ashley Koon

    How did you get the skins

  • RyZe Ate A Devil Fruit
    RyZe Ate A Devil Fruit

    Guys trimix is not playing because where is the white thing when you aim

  • Daniel Budiman
    Daniel Budiman

    you're a liar there is no Thanos skin Bapa.

  • Htxmushroom cashy
    Htxmushroom cashy

    This looks look like a replay game

  • GassyGamingFortnite

    Trimix: I'm a bot Also trimix: claps people

  • The A-BOMB
    The A-BOMB

    Says blue only Picks up grey gun

  • Parker Legends Gaming
    Parker Legends Gaming

    Wow sooooooo cool😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😀😀😀😀🤔🤔!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tenth_ gravity4
    Tenth_ gravity4

    did any one else notice he got kills but his kill count stayed on zero

  • fortniek 123
    fortniek 123

    Hou het you that skins

  • Henrie

    I love you can i have shout out

  • Kyren Burghy
    Kyren Burghy

    how do you get the skin s

  • xx Among us
    xx Among us

    My name in fortnite is WhinyZeus6 bye

  • SantaGames YT!
    SantaGames YT!


  • Mr. Pecan
    Mr. Pecan

    0:56 before the end of what!!!!! tell me pleese

    • SharkyKing


    • SharkyKing

      Before the end of the video

  • Immanuel Holloway
    Immanuel Holloway

    dude Thanos is not hero has a villian dumbass

  • Naruto


  • Shatoria Gainey
    Shatoria Gainey

    How did you get does skins

  • Esther Loubser
    Esther Loubser

    Stop saying o my god . God is gonna punish you.

  • Monica Green
    Monica Green


  • Harley Dehart
    Harley Dehart

    Can you make me my on skin

  • HockeyDude


  • HockeyDude

    I thin think this while channel is fwkw

  • HockeyDude

    Also tge font after he eliminates someone is different

  • HockeyDude

    I think this whole custom skin thing is fake

  • HockeyDude

    Notice how when he kills someone it says he still has 0 kills

    • Marcia Velazquez
      Marcia Velazquez

      I know right???


    I like your cut g

  • Harlan Bongard
    Harlan Bongard

    i feel bad

  • Craig Masson
    Craig Masson

    Black panther was that season 3 skin

  • Craig Masson
    Craig Masson

    Bad cgi

  • Rolando Espinoza
    Rolando Espinoza


  • dIAmOnDs_ gAmErZzZz
    dIAmOnDs_ gAmErZzZz

    thos is so funny in the car

  • Leon Smith
    Leon Smith

    How do you get those skins

  • xxlazer lazerxx
    xxlazer lazerxx

    How do make skins

  • PrestonC2010 :D
    PrestonC2010 :D

    Did you make Spider-Man using the carbide body

  • ThatF18

    Like this video for all these skins to be in fortnite

  • Pat Brewer
    Pat Brewer

    It feel like it fake 😂😂

  • alyan shahzad
    alyan shahzad

    Whoz taller thanks or doctor DooM boss