I Trolled Youtubers that I got Fortnite SEASON 5 Early!
► I Trolled IRbinrs that I got Fortnite SEASON 5 Early!
Today I once again trolled youtubers that I'm in Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 5 Early. I am so hyped for the Season 5 Trailer, and the upcoming Galactus Nexus War Live Event, DROP a LIKE if you're too!
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  • Trimix

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    • Xg_ Gamerx
      Xg_ Gamerx



      Hello trimix I did the google form for my own custom skin I would like for you to post a video of it and invited you to my discord :)

    • kian moylan
      kian moylan

      i know that you use blender to make skins but how pls reply i really want to know if you use any addons thx

    • Valerie Ogeda
      Valerie Ogeda


    • Valerie Ogeda
      Valerie Ogeda


  • desi dubow
    desi dubow

    how did u know man ]cake and reese whear coming ?

    • OllyPlayz Roblox
      OllyPlayz Roblox

      There was A leaked Image of the skins

  • LILO


  • Badoo The banana
    Badoo The banana

    4:58 mandalorian in RuneScape

  • Firey Cart
    Firey Cart

    Really simple

  • Rafael Abdalla
    Rafael Abdalla

    Who is watching this in season 5

  • Jhon Reyes
    Jhon Reyes


  • Punisher BraghGO
    Punisher BraghGO

    Make a Saskue skin

  • Henry Dutton
    Henry Dutton

    Trimix: The Mandalorians on my SCREEN Sneep: What's The Mandalorian Me: OMG SNEEP!!! Trimix: From STAR WARS Sneep: What's That...? Me: sneep are u ok?!?!

  • Ghost

    I swear baby yoda is more famous than Star Wars now that guy didn’t know what Star Wars was but he knew about baby yoda

  • ItsAmathist

    You have no Earnings your dog water JK

  • Donovan Georges
    Donovan Georges

    How was he right about it tho

  • Wharton L
    Wharton L

    Hmm, I didn't shatter the like button on the floor (until now, no disrespect), and my game didn't crash during the event. HMMMMMMMMM

  • xmascreeper10

    That code person I'm friends with him

  • SkeletonKid X
    SkeletonKid X

    ✨season one season five✨

  • Rhyan Mason
    Rhyan Mason

    I'm calling epic GF games

  • VOP LegoChef9
    VOP LegoChef9

    Going back, this is really accurate to the actual skin

  • Pandaboii321


  • call me pam
    call me pam

    What the fuck the image

  • call me pam
    call me pam

    Bro what the heck how did you get reese and mancake and the looking of the pack but he is dumb when he was like whaaat why is baby Yoda back and like the looking like the skin and season 5 in here there is no baby Yoda and the looking of mando

  • Shawn Arrowsmith
    Shawn Arrowsmith

    2 weeks ago season 5 was out

  • Leticia Lopez
    Leticia Lopez

    ic was them

  • Not Lucas Vlogs
    Not Lucas Vlogs

    How did he know there was a desert

  • Dexter is a qt
    Dexter is a qt

    You have to like this if you are watching this in season 5 l l l

  • Jackson Bowman
    Jackson Bowman


  • Jaycee Stanford
    Jaycee Stanford


  • -Jonesy -
    -Jonesy -

    6:05 Snee0 looks so sad 😢😭

  • samm stone
    samm stone

    you troled my favorite youtuber t5g

  • Mario man
    Mario man

    Troll mr top 5


    Yo trimix can you create a naruto custume skin in Fortnite I beg I always wanted naruto skin in fortnite also I only come on fortnite Friday Saturday and Sunday 3 days 😢😭

  • My fortnight username Ilikeyocutgg
    My fortnight username Ilikeyocutgg

    Do Deadpool peely

  • YBR Williams
    YBR Williams

    Trimix I liked commented a follow gift me candy axe ToxiicRobYT

  • 깜짝 놀란
    깜짝 놀란

    Make an hoodles ikonik skin mine is in anime not in fortnite graphics

  • Hasan Albakry
    Hasan Albakry

    How the heck did he guess there will be a baby yoda back


    Hello trimix I did the google form for my own custom skin I would like for you to post a video of it and invited you to my discord :)

  • RGNTrom

    You got me back into Fortnite! All notifications on!

  • Divan Theart
    Divan Theart

    Trimix you can mack a x2twins skin for them they yous a fortnight skin for them so Trey to mack then a skin please I want to know

  • mini mate
    mini mate


  • mini mate
    mini mate

    Trimix pls make a mars chocolate marshmellow skin it will be lit

  • Milyazim Reshiti
    Milyazim Reshiti

    Trimix! make the live event skin okay ;)

  • Indigo Yt
    Indigo Yt

    Dead ass fam


    2:22 top right corner how does he know the season 5 skins

  • Eldad Obeng
    Eldad Obeng

    Fearless is back

  • Jad Eltakeche
    Jad Eltakeche

    Is it even believable like he did this ever since season 3

  • Paola Zamorano
    Paola Zamorano

    Change your fornite name for 2 weeks content

    • dogtower

      Just like fearless

  • Blue-Eyed Wolves
    Blue-Eyed Wolves

    Can you pls make a hockey skin? Username(s): Sdhockey68 Zacharyhockey41

  • Sherisha Springer Alfred
    Sherisha Springer Alfred

    I was a fans for years

  • Sherisha Springer Alfred
    Sherisha Springer Alfred

    trimix Can you gift me the battle pass please my name is EXO_Sspringer thank you

  • Sherisha Springer Alfred
    Sherisha Springer Alfred

    can you gift me the battle pass please

  • AABE Games
    AABE Games

    Or a ship crash plz

  • AABE Games
    AABE Games

    Yo can you make me a Star Wars ship moveing emote

  • Toxic-Stuffle

    Make it less cartony

  • Samir Islam
    Samir Islam

    Trimix can u gift me the battel pass im subed and using ur code my epic is boss_samir13

  • Ninja-Amare

    Do a custom skin with SpongeBob and Patrick

  • Vrm-Void

    Hey Trinidad can you make a Chris character from resident evil

  • Jose Acosta
    Jose Acosta

    that almost tricked my brother and sister

  • crt

    Funny to see how dumb this people are. Its general known that youtubers are dumb, with this video's u make it even more clear. GG my man

  • Jayboy1044

    Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 4 :(

  • HazBoss888

    Epic needs to hire trimix

  • swifty

    Hey trimix may i have the battle pass cause my family is poor pls my name is ropa gang thx😄

  • Heyitsmesheroy

    Hey man I really need your help plz don't ignore this plz can u help me with some vbucks my vbucks have gone into negative I can't buy anything not even the battlepass

  • Glendon Lewis
    Glendon Lewis

    This is so staged😂😂😂

  • Esad vlogs & gamez
    Esad vlogs & gamez

    u said the a word

  • Frazix A.E
    Frazix A.E

    Who is watching this when the battle pass is out

  • Lamin Kallon
    Lamin Kallon

    My epic is zaynkallon

  • Smellyxxcheese Cheese
    Smellyxxcheese Cheese

    Add me?dekotaholtz09?

  • Jaidyn Herron
    Jaidyn Herron

    Mygamer tag is brokeipad


    i want to know if you could make a 3 style of the guff like sahdow and ghost and ripped olllie thanks have a great day

    • Marcelo Onetti
      Marcelo Onetti


  • Fernando Adventures
    Fernando Adventures

    Hey trimix if you troll the same people over and over again they won’t believe you when you troll them again Cus they’re loading in the fortnite game

  • Jamie Padd
    Jamie Padd

    It looks like a potato

  • No More No More
    No More No More

    Can I have the season battle pass. Don’t have it I subbed use code trimmex

  • John Toma Samanne
    John Toma Samanne

    Can u add me Misty-FM

  • N8 Venom
    N8 Venom

    If people really got tricked then I have no hope for our future

  • Charleneh Davish
    Charleneh Davish

    I got here when season five Just came out

  • Logan Rice
    Logan Rice

    but in the title it had the accual skin!

  • 1Proz


  • Trey Mitchell
    Trey Mitchell

    hey trimx can you gift me the battel pass i subscribed pls my name is Trannxity

    • Mikey

      To be honest I hope you get the battle pass by Trimx

  • xd Elfijs :I
    xd Elfijs :I

    Ur clickbqiter XD

  • xd Elfijs :I
    xd Elfijs :I

    The live event already bin i was in live ur joking xd

  • Ivanboii123 12
    Ivanboii123 12

    Can you buy me the battle pass

  • Money Brown
    Money Brown

    Season 5 is litt

  • SFN Frost
    SFN Frost

    who is here when it is season 5

  • Mohammed Baghdadi
    Mohammed Baghdadi

    Can I have the battle pass in fortnite season 5 my name is 70moammed007

  • gbeans44

    how do your freinds trust you?

  • Particely

    Nice photoshop

  • fortnite bot
    fortnite bot

    he predicted the future lol season 5 is mandalorian lol

  • xSpectic FN
    xSpectic FN

    It doesn't look real

  • Blue

    Scam Scam Scam Scam Scam Scam Scam

  • CVX zSA
    CVX zSA

    there's Fortnite sea son 5 galatus is gone

  • Devon Oleed
    Devon Oleed

    Me over here in the actual season 5

  • pain

    How do famous people fall for this this is all he posts like what

  • Spring-Traps Revenge
    Spring-Traps Revenge

    Wait Isn’t Season 5 already Here..

  • lil red
    lil red

    Season five is so cool

  • f3r3k

    the new season is out

  • Panda GG
    Panda GG

    My Game crashed in The event😵😖

  • typeyton7

    Today that thing is real

  • Gary The Sackboy
    Gary The Sackboy

    How did you get that picture on the news

  • Gaming with Ben
    Gaming with Ben

    Dear trimx can I have the season 5 battle pass my epic account is skilledhunter991

  • Charles Borkowski
    Charles Borkowski

    bruh the news on the top right is exactly what we got, is he a computer 3d digital artist or a predicter

  • Tenisha Melendez
    Tenisha Melendez