I Trolled Youtubers with a FAKE Fortnite LIVE EVENT!
► I Trolled IRbinrs with a FAKE Fortnite LIVE EVENT... again
I once again trolled youtubers with a Season 4 Galactus Live Event. This Nexus War Trailer was so much work so leave a like if you enjoyed!
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    • Dalton Bradley
      Dalton Bradley

      I HATE YOU

    • Fusion 2k
      Fusion 2k


    • boi Williams
      boi Williams

      Change the horns but other then that this video is so funny

    • Tresha H
      Tresha H

      I like your videos

    • Tresha H
      Tresha H

      I am videos

  • sirbiade gg
    sirbiade gg

    Haha alia

  • Layziz

    I gotta make a video

  • leslie heckathorn
    leslie heckathorn

    Is it me or does sneep sound like tiger the youtuber

  • Hosiel Lopez
    Hosiel Lopez

    :everyone :Indian editors be like. tHaTs So CoOl

  • Jay'Zion Cheeks im a,little good at fortnite!
    Jay'Zion Cheeks im a,little good at fortnite!

    Pranking bro

  • Lil timmy with a gun
    Lil timmy with a gun

    That thumbnail was worryingly accurate

    • Unfrosted Poptarts!
      Unfrosted Poptarts!

      Oh wait I didn't even notice


    It’s a black sky I mean blue sky I mean purple sky

  • ramesh Rouniyar
    ramesh Rouniyar


  • Angela Martinez
    Angela Martinez

    3 youtubers

  • VBL JayJay ツ
    VBL JayJay ツ


  • Roblox Addicts
    Roblox Addicts

    A merch?

  • Noah

    Rewatching this I just now realized he has never been to Coral Castle it was literally added in season 3 lmao

  • Vorsey


    • Vorsey

      I’m not botting

  • awsome day17
    awsome day17

    How do you import those custom skins into fortnite???

  • JackieSz0729

    3:58 OooOo

  • shaun dy lot of damge
    shaun dy lot of damge

    Trimix Troll Tiger 2 times

  • Shookie Shakers
    Shookie Shakers

    Plus why do you have unlimited FPS and why do you have epic setting and shadows

  • Shookie Shakers
    Shookie Shakers

    This sucks it’s the worst I ever seen

  • Abdullah Kobir
    Abdullah Kobir

    I laughed hard when you pranked AliA

  • Campbell Chuter
    Campbell Chuter

    He’s not in the water he’s outside the planet

  • Daily-RB

    Mrtop5? I just m

  • Roblox junior
    Roblox junior

    There is no way someone will believe thata

  • Daniel Melo
    Daniel Melo

    Everyone : bro look it is galactus Home of games : bro I need to make a 10 minute video about this

  • royce world
    royce world

    A boat remix

  • Puggie_Playz

    When you realize this was all staged 💣 😯

  • Shadow Moon
    Shadow Moon

    You didn’t troll anyone

  • Hacker 101??
    Hacker 101??

    46,94 for merch?!?!?

  • Free dede
    Free dede

    galactus twearking lol



  • FlatLiner

    Legend has it, as of today Sneep still doesn’t know what color the sky is

  • the quiet one776
    the quiet one776

    Troll clickbaiters into thinking it's a real event

  • Toxic Nahtan 2
    Toxic Nahtan 2

    The problem is the thumbnail happened...

  • Muni

    not hating but I've seen better acting in my incognito tab

    • Unfrosted Poptarts!
      Unfrosted Poptarts!


  • Joeshmoe Films
    Joeshmoe Films

    Thumbnail was accurate

  • Techno

    The acting is so trash lol

  • MEMElordK

    Dude just stfu

  • Gabriel Valentin
    Gabriel Valentin

    Dude the real galactus event was crazy I'm happy I made it

    • NintenVlogz

      Same 👍

  • nut master
    nut master

    Bro my server was glitched as fuck he wasnt moving for 15 minutes after the timer went off

  • nooiceFN

    I civic body York my body and I have no clue

  • Lucky Duck
    Lucky Duck

    Thumbnail was pretty accurate

  • Darren Pacheco
    Darren Pacheco

    Hey fortnite we got to fight galactic


    You thumbnail was perfect what happen

  • Sareth Phin
    Sareth Phin

    Is this why all the you tubers think it’s the new season

  • Manahil Azmat
    Manahil Azmat

    Why i miss you

  • Bot Boi
    Bot Boi

    Galactus was a lot bigger during the event

  • RTF_Yandini9

    POV: You just saw the event today

    • Ennardbear 7276
      Ennardbear 7276

      POV: Its almost season6

    • Under78

      POV:it’s season 5

    • FBI

      XD You got me ( dang now I can laught at all the linkers of the event of goin to season 1, galactus beating wiht powers, and the heigh of galactus )

  • KBear Beast
    KBear Beast

    Never mine

  • KBear Beast
    KBear Beast

    That did happen

  • LaSHer


  • Rick Diaz
    Rick Diaz

    Remix to the live event is out make a video please

  • Jonathan Ventura
    Jonathan Ventura

    Bru this is the same as the other one bro

  • HyPy

    Hi im from the future: the thumbnail is real this what i saw

  • Minecraft Or what
    Minecraft Or what

    Not gonna lie that bus was the same as the one in the live event

  • Rxin_spamz

    The fact that he predictited it on the thumbnail vuz it really happened

  • Mubeen Ali
    Mubeen Ali

    People who are watching this after the event->

  • Alex Hughes
    Alex Hughes

    So im not the only one thinking how ur supposed to trick anyone with this?

  • Martynas Danevičius
    Martynas Danevičius

    This feels scripted

  • zoom boom
    zoom boom

    0:49 when a weird man starts chasing u and he laughs

  • AllHurtz

    The only thing is trimix kinda needs to learn how to act lol like he’s a lil too obvious

  • Divurge Sage
    Divurge Sage

    Lol what if epic just uses this

  • Clasher573 Gaming
    Clasher573 Gaming

    *I Dont Understand*

  • Christopher Miller
    Christopher Miller

    i subbed and liked!

  • Knox Sus
    Knox Sus

    HomeOfGames: I’m waiting for galactus Me: yea says the one who has made 80 videos of “GALACTUS IS RIGHT NOW”

  • Knox Sus
    Knox Sus

    I’m glad u trolled HomeOfGames (aka the worst clickbaiter on the planet)

  • kanal kapatıldı.
    kanal kapatıldı.

    Editt .c

  • UhDarkWolf

    JesUs ChRisT So REaL OmG 🤦‍♂️

  • The Gaming Bros
    The Gaming Bros

    was he tiger from kebblekops vids

  • Midnight moon Wolf
    Midnight moon Wolf


  • Cyclo Games
    Cyclo Games

    You say send this to a lot of my friend but they will look at the title

  • Fire_Wall 1-1
    Fire_Wall 1-1

    Who’s hype for the event

  • crazy nooby dreams
    crazy nooby dreams


  • Anthony Cordone
    Anthony Cordone

    This is the fakest vid I’ve ever seen

  • MCT Gamers
    MCT Gamers

    Watching this "lower quality" event is like when its the day before Christmas and you are awake but don't want to get up so you keep getting dreams of what it could be like but you don't get stuff you wanted, and then realize its not actually Christmas and that Christmas will be way better... at least in a nutshell it is

  • Connor Reutter
    Connor Reutter

    2 click-baiters hanging in the Same discord 🤣

  • SushiBoyPlayz

    Trimix what’s it real name?

  • Levi Richard
    Levi Richard

    20th the fuck up d printing

  • G-Bois Comics
    G-Bois Comics

    Bruh how much r u paying ali a cuz ali a is way smarter than that

  • David Brooks
    David Brooks

    No problem only 62k like’s the goal was 10k like

  • Microwavable potatoes
    Microwavable potatoes

    Can you watch my video trailer

  • Richard _pk
    Richard _pk

    I love u

  • Carisa Danielson
    Carisa Danielson

    ommmmggggg ali-a commeted

  • Dominic Mildern
    Dominic Mildern

    2:28 that kid acts like he saw a supra

  • Tyler Ochoa
    Tyler Ochoa

    I can’t believe IRbinrs actually work the trailer looks so bad

  • Federico Rizo Cubillos
    Federico Rizo Cubillos

    All the clickbaiters got clickbaited.

  • Landon Is here
    Landon Is here

    This didn’t even look real

  • Gabriel Tube
    Gabriel Tube

    How did you get your disocord icon to talk?

  • P1ay3r ;-;
    P1ay3r ;-;

    Now u gotta troll ALI A with the actually live event and he won’t believe it when it is real.

  • Lukas Guzman
    Lukas Guzman

    Heh you trolled I,ll troll you trmix

  • 1000 names or idk
    1000 names or idk

    Ali a kinda sus

  • EZ OFFICIAL The Crewmate
    EZ OFFICIAL The Crewmate

    Home of games is the most obvious clickbaiter

  • Aiden Venegas
    Aiden Venegas

    I can’t tell if your doing this as a plan or your people feel bad for you and pretend they believe it because this doesn’t look real btw

  • RossRR

    Me, tier 287 s5 ;(

  • TrippaMazing87

    Sure, I'll give you everyone's reaction, except alia, he just is so bad at acting its not even funny.

  • Xtc lol
    Xtc lol


  • Christian Warren
    Christian Warren


  • Kitty Gang
    Kitty Gang

    lol home of games even made a video about this 🤣

  • Jamil_Gamer_YT

    no need to watch full vid you can skip by pressing arrow this is for ali a by the way you are right trimix should stop trolling you{Love your content ali a}

  • Prof BoOoOmMmMmM
    Prof BoOoOmMmMmM

    Whos here from discord?

  • badc gsdhh
    badc gsdhh

    I’m kinda scared of how true this could be...