Playing HIDE & SEEK with Fortnite CUSTOM SKINS!
► Playing HIDE & SEEK with Fortnite CUSTOM SKINS!
Today I played a Hide and Seek, but I used custom Skins or Skins that nobody else has! Using my Fortnite custom Skins it was almost impossible to find me!
Trimix 2: @Trimix 2
Sneep: @sneep
Ninon: @ninon
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  • Trimix


    • Harry Cushnan
      Harry Cushnan

      I'm a big fan

    • Odhran Conlon
      Odhran Conlon

      @10k subs without a vid ? otr

    • Rëbekäh Gôrdon :D
      Rëbekäh Gôrdon :D

      Okay I subbed

    • Scrottzz

      @10k subs without a vid ? lol

    • Isaiah Morales
      Isaiah Morales

      Ok i will

  • salah hamze
    salah hamze

    you are cool man

  • Melissa Boyce
    Melissa Boyce


  • Eric Magee
    Eric Magee

    He probably saw you

  • Pcoltrane R
    Pcoltrane R

    Sleep:In the storm starts popping a big pot Me:🤦‍♂️

  • Naty Rose
    Naty Rose

    Nice game

  • A vision
    A vision

    0:55 tiger it's true tiger=sneep

  • amado zorrilla
    amado zorrilla


  • Nicolas Lomuto
    Nicolas Lomuto


  • Cesar Ontiveros
    Cesar Ontiveros

    That's tiger

  • Athar md
    Athar md

    You Are good at custom stuff

  • Michael Contreras
    Michael Contreras

    Papi no

  • Fortniteallnight 0126
    Fortniteallnight 0126

    Dude ur in replay cuz u don't have inventory

  • Lilgamer621

    And gift me please

  • Lilgamer621

    Can I be in your video

  • Miguel Alvarez
    Miguel Alvarez

    Sneep was drinking a big pot in strom

  • Rëbekäh Gôrdon :D
    Rëbekäh Gôrdon :D

    I subbed 👍🏻

  • Amanda kelly
    Amanda kelly

    You were recording in replays

  • Samantha McDermott
    Samantha McDermott


  • Giorgi Asatiani
    Giorgi Asatiani

    where is your hud 6:53

  • Badoo The banana
    Badoo The banana

    Sneep upload please

  • finley Oleary
    finley Oleary

    Make Ur own custom icon skin and trick Ur buddies

  • Joseph Trivett
    Joseph Trivett

    You look cool

  • Gabriel Trovoada
    Gabriel Trovoada

    I done it so yea your welcome

  • Edward

    How do u use the skin? can you do a turt on how to make that skins??

  • Zach Kokoc
    Zach Kokoc

    I know who's being pranked its tiger

  • Shannon Hood
    Shannon Hood

    I wanna 1v1

  • Xbox-Eddie360

    Hide And Sneep

  • Calvin Isaac the cool
    Calvin Isaac the cool

    That’s tiger

  • Dream Not Found
    Dream Not Found


  • Omar Nafady
    Omar Nafady

    The puns tho hahahahahahahhs

  • b16rdw

    There all ready one

  • Lord Egg
    Lord Egg

    Ok for the custom skin it isnt giving me any image

  • carl nolasco
    carl nolasco

    Why is hes movement like on replays??

  • BryanTheGamer YT
    BryanTheGamer YT

    Lol fuging

  • The Sheckies
    The Sheckies

    You should make a Willy wonka skin old time

  • Mely Melinda
    Mely Melinda


  • Jessica Fulk
    Jessica Fulk

    Sneep is really a bot XD

  • Santino Griffith
    Santino Griffith

    What are the odds that when he joined it started right away

  • Abigail Fuentes
    Abigail Fuentes

    Sneep rules no bulding no killing sneep builds

  • Boneless

    Love you trimix

  • Parallel keq
    Parallel keq

    How to make custom skin

  • Shockwave

    blue stark gun?

  • Aasma Wafi
    Aasma Wafi

    I swear I just saw tiger my fav youtuber

  • Slxsh


  • Nxus

    Why did you wear a back bling

  • VR_Stick Games • 69 Years Ago
    VR_Stick Games • 69 Years Ago

    Nobody uses likes for its purpose

  • GrizzleRabbit

    :( he didn’t reach 2 mil at the end of the year

  • Yadiel Ortiz
    Yadiel Ortiz

    How are you not banned bro

  • timothy manning
    timothy manning


  • Veer Shah
    Veer Shah

    Yo,what’s up guys


    trimx you suck you lied you can get the stark robot skin if you kill it and do the mystice emote dummy liar

  • Eli Favela
    Eli Favela

    Sneep is Tiger



  • Lilia Andres
    Lilia Andres

    The stark robot one is cute and inspirational

  • Baconking08

    Make the terminator

  • it's yo boy aj12
    it's yo boy aj12

    Who's watching in 2021

  • Zander jackson
    Zander jackson

    How do you do this I recently got a pc and watch u a lot and wonder how does he make these skins

  • Malvin Johnson
    Malvin Johnson

    You’re bad at the game🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Malvin Johnson
    Malvin Johnson

    I was joking

  • Malvin Johnson
    Malvin Johnson

    Yeah that’s pretty tight kind of a kind of sick bro but it’s kind of it’s kind of to me like offbrandBro

  • Maximilian Meyer
    Maximilian Meyer

    You are a bot

  • Sergio Sanchez Jr.
    Sergio Sanchez Jr.

    1v1 me bro if ur a bot 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 bot

  • Syed Afran Ahmed
    Syed Afran Ahmed

    Wtf it's replay love it though

  • Diego Nunez
    Diego Nunez

    Banned him

  • red crewmate
    red crewmate

    You failed to get 2m subs it's 2021

  • Fortnite jay Mega
    Fortnite jay Mega

    I subscribed 😁🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍

  • Fortnite jay Mega
    Fortnite jay Mega

    Can I have a mine craft skin

  • Marisa Techuo
    Marisa Techuo

    Im from the future in session 5 we have exotic weapons and mps to talk to and I can edit in creative you can drive a plane and car in creative now

  • SGGJ4 SNipz YT
    SGGJ4 SNipz YT


  • Chelsie Kirby
    Chelsie Kirby

    U said to get 2 million u already had 2 million

  • gamming games
    gamming games

    I have

  • gamming games
    gamming games

    You look like sawyer sharbino

  • Charlie Pecky
    Charlie Pecky

    My sisters a bot 😂🤣

  • Ayyan A
    Ayyan A

    13:57 ballon gave me ammo 14:02 give me ammo?

  • Ayyan A
    Ayyan A

    5:18 he has to die like a man 5:56 hes right but sneep sayin why you infront of me i thought you have to die like a man

  • Goku Black
    Goku Black

    15:48 sneep lvl 1

  • Samuel Garcia
    Samuel Garcia

    Samuel Garcia TKO 1000000000

  • Balraj Parmar
    Balraj Parmar

    I think there are 3 jonseys hiding. Look at the left side of the grass. Don't you see an outline of a character

  • Mewdziepie

    Nenon was the imposter

  • Insert Username here
    Insert Username here

    This man got the most luckiest discord tag ever 1:13

  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia

    He is not a man

  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia


  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia

    He said s not a man

  • rachael020990

    Epic games should hire timid to make skins because he makes skins fire

  • ES aNix
    ES aNix

    You did this in replay mode

  • Roblox Adopt Me Friends
    Roblox Adopt Me Friends

    Every one sport trimix

  • Sanjay Selva
    Sanjay Selva

    Sneep is a BOT!

  • kirby Nicolas
    kirby Nicolas

    sneep call me dad baba in chineese

  • i Developers
    i Developers

    Sneep is the second morgz

  • vinky kohli
    vinky kohli

    Can we play fortnite Trim in

  • Boi- 1000
    Boi- 1000


  • Jesus Araiza Murataya
    Jesus Araiza Murataya

    Ooo you are a good day to be happy a day today I just wanted to let you know

  • Sticky Fingers
    Sticky Fingers

    How do you make custom skins?

  • Better then best
    Better then best

    He was watching someone or he was in replay

  • Luca Alsop
    Luca Alsop

    You should get more subs

  • Tre Lew
    Tre Lew

    They should make a black panther skin

  • Tom William
    Tom William

    Steve is trash

  • bluehairdawg2

    1:49 can we just pay attention how he hasn’t completed the map

  • Benenas

    Sneep is actualy tiger lol