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  • Trimix

    Subscribe to get your own custom Skin! (Link in desc.)

    • Ryan Muir
      Ryan Muir

      I don’t see a link

    • JOE FOE Palma
      JOE FOE Palma

      Ik I’m late but I submitted a form of what I want my skin to be hope you choose one for me pls

    • JOE FOE Palma
      JOE FOE Palma


    • Max Glenham
      Max Glenham

      Please can you make me a skin mail

    • Riyad Ali
      Riyad Ali


  • supreboyz

    fresh 's profile is mr picilo

  • Min young Park
    Min young Park

    Can you make it so that the person can wear it.....??????ask epic games and work in there

  • Min young Park
    Min young Park

    Your the best fortnite skin editer in the world!!!!!!

  • M T
    M T

    Because I Suscribed

  • M T
    M T

    Does that mean I get my own custom skin

  • M T
    M T

    Yeah he’s soooooo cool

  • William Costello
    William Costello

    I subbed and liked..

  • William Costello
    William Costello

    I want my own skin >:(

  • Hamad Ojan
    Hamad Ojan

    I want you to make the cold minus skin with the with the Chuckster of the all gold one this is my name to add me but don’t call me up because I don’t have a PlayStation I don’t have to come up just text it to me and yeah this is my nameRT-HAMAD7

  • Hamad Ojan
    Hamad Ojan

    But my name looks like because I want you to add me so badRT-HAMD

  • Genevieve Bentsi- addison
    Genevieve Bentsi- addison



    i am said i tryed to aply to make a skin but i don't have accsess

  • Callum McDermott
    Callum McDermott

    Ayo , not subbed to fresh wtf

  • Grace Lewis
    Grace Lewis

    How many time do you say man

  • The CarnageBegins
    The CarnageBegins

    Trimix wow EPIC GAMES HIRE HIM

  • Matt Hodgson
    Matt Hodgson

    how do you make custom skins i love your vids and i am on my dads computer

  • Matt Hodgson
    Matt Hodgson

    i subscribed

  • Gaming TV
    Gaming TV

    The good skin for ghoulz sucks

  • Lz_SoftbrozGAMING

    Pls tutorial

  • Fortnite one
    Fortnite one

    and create my own skin 🎁

  • Fortnite one
    Fortnite one

    My Fortnite one is my youtube Channel look at my body look's like

  • Branden Andrade JR
    Branden Andrade JR

    Your a goat at this stuff


    Trimix should be a designer in real life and also should be a developer for fortnite

  • Lock Dubz
    Lock Dubz


  • project zorgo
    project zorgo

    i did it!

  • Gage Kingsbury
    Gage Kingsbury

    i did it

  • Olvin Josue Castillo Castillo
    Olvin Josue Castillo Castillo

    I prefere watching the cool skin

  • Olvin Josue Castillo Castillo
    Olvin Josue Castillo Castillo

    And yours?

  • PXA Alpha
    PXA Alpha

    See how come you dont work for epic

  • Demari Vincent
    Demari Vincent

    hahaha i love Trimix

  • Giovanni Quero-Lugo
    Giovanni Quero-Lugo

    TRImix can make cool designs for exotics (bring back reflex bring it back.)

  • Kam Shultz
    Kam Shultz

    You sub to koidoz

  • Mohammed Kamal
    Mohammed Kamal

    you make detr skins then fortnight

  • TheEpicGamer

    You should come home soon

  • Levi Smith800
    Levi Smith800

    Make a hacker skin which looks like the YT Chanel Project Zorgo.

    • XI Quartz
      XI Quartz

      You 7 year old

  • Levi Smith800
    Levi Smith800

    I didn't know trimix looked this ugly!

  • Awesome Lukester
    Awesome Lukester

    Hey Trimix can make me my own skin. I sent you a friend on discord awesomelukester

  • techy Fan
    techy Fan


  • techy Fan
    techy Fan


  • techy Fan
    techy Fan


  • Usw Phenomenal figz
    Usw Phenomenal figz

    Freshs custom skin should be called pickle patroller

  • Shark Boy
    Shark Boy

    How do you changed it?

  • 김형만

    The burly salad pathophysiologically harm because lizard extragingivally grip at a mushy chin. flippant, safe turret

  • Arctic Flames
    Arctic Flames

    Ngl they should hire him Like if you agree

  • Sam Alkhatib
    Sam Alkhatib

    I am a big fan of you

  • HeroXLH

    What app do you have

  • Zac Parker
    Zac Parker

    Can you make me my very own skin please

  • Mason Bradley
    Mason Bradley

    What website does he use

  • Charlie Fish
    Charlie Fish

    I’ve been subject to you for about two years

  • Leigh Whyte
    Leigh Whyte

    how do you make your own skin

  • KillerCal

    PLZ Make Me A Skin

  • KashiShadow

    Wich app do you use

  • Julio Guzman Peña
    Julio Guzman Peña


  • Elijah Coleman
    Elijah Coleman

    love yo vids

  • Jayce McKeithan
    Jayce McKeithan

    make Techy a fortnite skin maybe even strawbys to

  • June Bug
    June Bug

    Ghoulz sounds like tiko without his voice changer.

  • Astronut

    Can you please make me one?

  • issiahsmom2010

    On goll trooper the first one is worst

  • daniellejungle

    If you hate on fresh you are a bad person like if you agree

  • Maria Esquivel
    Maria Esquivel

    bro idiot

  • Isaiah AidenYT
    Isaiah AidenYT

    What fresh said: Daf*ck is this, looks like my sh*t

  • Kristin Fisher
    Kristin Fisher

    I want you to make a Tico Skin

  • Kristin Fisher
    Kristin Fisher

    Can you make me a skin I wanna to be so cool

  • Stephanie Seim
    Stephanie Seim

    8 Romex under this was from a few months ago but just wanted to tell you I submitted my skin and sent a picture so yet and I don't have Discord so I sent also my number

  • Red Handed And Skulled
    Red Handed And Skulled

    Kaidoz: Stream Sniping Ghoulz: Fashion Shows Trimix: Makes Skins Fresh: A Gang With LazarBeam

  • Anikan Lewis
    Anikan Lewis

    probably cause i said my gmail

  • Anikan Lewis
    Anikan Lewis

    it did not work my skin did not pop up

  • Attikus Hare
    Attikus Hare

    Are you skimming the seem so good and I'm seem so lucky and also It doesn't cost money to do this you're definitely skimming I went on the link

  • Ra!zerblade

    Can you give me permition on discord I tried to put @Trimix are tou there

  • Sasha Mitic
    Sasha Mitic

    E E E E

  • J Bowling
    J Bowling


  • clayton baldwin
    clayton baldwin

    They should make ur own skin and let u make it

  • mahrea chornes
    mahrea chornes

    i want comtom woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yay

  • Livy ROSE johnson
    Livy ROSE johnson

    i just sumbmited my skin

  • William Nettleton
    William Nettleton

    can i have custom skim i liked sub and hit the bel but im on mobile

  • Morgan Justice
    Morgan Justice

    I liked and subed to u I love ur vids Bye Im my fortnite name is hacktom67 no spaces no capz

  • Elia Lopez
    Elia Lopez

    This dude should get hired to make skins for fortnite

  • Final Font
    Final Font

    I’m starting to not like fresh after fresh was mean to trimix!

  • Szilvia Borcsok
    Szilvia Borcsok

    Make fnaf

  • midas

    I love ur vids

  • Elton's crest
    Elton's crest

    I summited a skin that I call Gucci gang

  • Andrea Ribic
    Andrea Ribic

    did mine

  • turtle boy
    turtle boy

    Jonny fortine

  • Kirsty Craig
    Kirsty Craig


  • King Duck
    King Duck

    I summited a skin that I call "King duck"

    • FoshTheBoss

      That should be a real skin.


    Ghoulz skin kinda looks like MICHEAL JACKSON NO CAP

  • untalkable

    You won't replie but I love your vids and I wish u can show me on a vid

  • Connor Erks
    Connor Erks

    I’m gonna join your discord then you can add me on discord

    • A¿he_Gonπ


  • Finn McCormack
    Finn McCormack

    I am sub

  • Finn McCormack
    Finn McCormack

    I am a default at Fortnite so can I have my on skin

  • kreek is cool
    kreek is cool

    Wow that pickle skin is realy cool

  • kreek is cool
    kreek is cool

    Brani thats a good idea

  • nezar attar
    nezar attar

    Mack a

  • Andrea Jana Q. Dimayuga
    Andrea Jana Q. Dimayuga

    can u stop trimix

  • Niam TV Plush
    Niam TV Plush

    My Skype is NiamManGuy

  • Nevin Cook
    Nevin Cook

    Since when did you work for efic

  • Elvetia De Jesus
    Elvetia De Jesus

    F. You

  • Elvetia De Jesus
    Elvetia De Jesus

    I'm a big fan he

  • Bushy Boy
    Bushy Boy

    He should make renegade raider for him slef. Also how does he put it into fortnite